Our Vision

Happiness for today and for tomorrow

Our goal is simple: live happily, work happily. Here at Harmony School, our number one objective is to provide students with the best educational experience possible on the path to a blissful life. In an era where education is forced upon our youth, our stagnant way of learning has only steered us towards unsatisfied business professionals and unfulfilled adults. As a result, it has become imperative now, more than ever, to focus on our well being and ensure we wear a smile today and everyday.

An Observation

Today’s school systems are unprepared for the world of tomorrow.

As society and the world continues to evolve at an alarming rate, a new generation of young adults is arising. These ambitious young souls are on the hunt for more meaning in life and a more gentle society.


Struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world, they find themselves lost and overwhelmed by the challenges of today. Living in a society obsessed with power, restrictions and opposition, we see that in the end, this life of rivalry only leads to the massive destruction of the soul and willingness to work together.

Today, we are living in a world overrun by the media, consumer trends and ever changing work environments. As technology and business continue to progress, so does the development of job markets and professionals. However, just as fast as new opportunities arise, old ones start to fade away. According to a recent study; 50% of all positions in today’s job markets will disappear within the next 10 years while 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030, are yet to be discovered.


So, how do we prepare the workers of tomorrow if we don’t start by changing the way we educate them today? From classrooms to teachers, here in France and around the world, our school systems have barely changed. We still lack the ability to educate our youth according to the needs of today’s job markets and the job seekers of tomorrow.


In recent years, it has become critical that schools train the basic skills which society is now dependent on. Adaptability, creativity, innovation and interpersonal skills have all become an integral part of our daily professional lives. We are now aware, that socio-behavioral skills have an ever-lasting impact on our professional success no matter where you are from or what your educational background.

These proficiencies continue to be a

fundamental aspect in the development of future job markets and the way we will advance the businesses of tomorrow.

Globally, we have seen a rise in the sense of urgency for our school systems to modify the way we learn. It has become necessary that we nurture the instincts which steer a child in the right direction without imposing on them the need to conform to a single model. We must avoid the way we unintentionally hinder the development of their individuality and restrict their potential for greatness.

Our Ambition

Transform education; foster adolescent development.

In this critical period as we are asking ourselves all of life’s questions, is a key moment in supporting the development of who we will become in the future.

It is a fragile time, filled with fear and instability, questions and uncertainty. We find ourselves constantly looking for guidance and tools which will help us discover our independence and uncover our self-confidence. That’s why at Harmony School, we want to help be your child’s guide.


We are passionate about assisting our youth during these challenging adolescent years and accompanying them in this pivotal moment of growth.

Our Methodology

Pragmatic thinking inspired by educational discovery,

science and neuroscience.

According to recent studies, it has been proven that a child’s confidence and willingness to learn is dramatically increased when they are having fun. Harmony School is devoted to the practice of non-violent communication and the desire to create more caring relationships. Our goal is to ensure that our children are encouraged, heard and guided in achieving their dreams.


We believe in the process of “learning from your mistakes.” Failures and mistakes are not penalized but only seen as learning opportunities for the future. (FAIL: First Attempt in Learning). Here at Harmony School, we maintain trust in the belief that, solidarity is one of the most crucial aspects in the search for happiness. This is why we offer every child an environment where they feel supported and self-confident in discovering who they really are.


They have proven themselves

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Maria Montessori developed a new method of education based on the values of independence, individuality, kindness and the freedom to nurture a child’s personality. Since then, other school systems have been experimenting with alternative methodologies, based on project development, playing, and group learning but none have proven to be as effective as Montessori’s.


Through continuous testing, educational researchers and neuroscientists have proven that these methods are incredibly productive and stimulate positive neurological connectivity This connectivity assists in a child's ability to learn and absorb information which in the end leads to a better education.


Over time, these methods started to be tested and implemented in many countries which produced excellent results. In the 1970’s one country in particular, Finland, had decided to revise its school system using methods which focused on the well-being of the students not just on their grades. In the end, the school system saw some of the best results in the world due to the fact that the focus was on the children themselves.


Harmony School hopes to see the same results and follow in the same foot steps with our, revolutionary pedagogy. We combine the best methodologies with the most recent neuro scientific research to ensure we are producing the best education out there.


Tested and Approved! Since July 2018, Harmony School has been conducting weekly trial workshops and activities. As of April 2019, we have tested up to 40 children in groups of 5, and have seen that our newly developed methodology is a success. We are excited to implement our methodology this upcoming school year, and will continuously work on discovering the most ground-breaking programs with the most experienced teachers in the field.

We teach our students through:


 The Enjoyment of Learning

It’s logical, and it’s proven! Truly loving what you do not only enhances your motivation to learn but your willingness to succeed. The collaborators and teachers at Harmony School are overwhelmingly passionate about what they do and are overflowing with ideas on how to make learning your favorite thing in the world.


 Mutual Learning

As we retain 90% of what we learn, Maria Montessori experimented with this methodology in her schools and found it’s effectiveness profound. Harmony School hopes to do the same by planting the seed of the Montessori method in our daily education programs and giving it the space needed to grow as the center of our teaching methods.

 Freedom, Choice, and Personalized Learning

In order to be part of an individual’s learning process, it is compulsory to give them the freedom to learn at their own pace. The speed of their progression is critical in unfolding their true scholastic potential. However, increasing this speed will only result in backlash if pushed too far. Every child develops at their own pace which is why at Harmony School, we believe in reversing the roles of progression. It should not be the child who adapts to the school system but the school system who adapts to the child.


 Autodidactic Learning

Learn how to learn, in order to memorize and work independently!

The ability to self educate is of the utmost

importance during the learning process. It not only affects the way we learn but the way we conduct our professional life in the future. This is why at Harmony School, every student will have the freedom to be the leader of their own education.


As the mutual language of the world, English has become a key factor in today’s society. Every country around the world, stresses the importance of integrating English into a child’s education as early as 1 years old. It is a daily part of our communication today, not only personally but professionally. For these reasons, Harmony School offers a new and innovative approach to English learning so that your child may participate in the international conversation.


“Knowledge comes from experience, all the rest is just information” stated Albert Einstein.

Let’s face it, lecturing is not only ineffective but it's just plain boring. Even as an adult, we learn faster and more efficiently if we are having fun and engaged. Harmony School promises to not only make learning fun but more productive through experience and a “hands on” approach to education.

Like all independent institutions, Harmony School ensures to assist in the development of everyday life skills while teaching children how to become respectful members of society. This is why the children at Harmony School, will receive an outstanding education in Math, French, English, Science, History-Geography all while building essential qualities such as, Caring, Project Coordination, Creativity, Innovation, Team-Work, Emotional Management, Self- Exploration and Confidence.

What will we learn?

We have worked diligently to create a program which equally nurtures a child’s ability to develop human connections, obtain the necessary academic skills and strengthen their English language fluency in order to participate on an international level.

The Team

Our Founders

Convinced that a better education is the foundation in evolving today's society, our founders Arnaud, Valérie and Deborah have embarked on a journey to revolutionize the new generation with Harmony School.


Aware of the professional challenges we face today, the team brings a broad range of business experience to the table. They understand that in order to better the world of tomorrow we must start by strengthening our school systems and the way we educate our youth today.

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