English language educator 


Our alternative College, "Harmony School", founded on the principle of non-violent communication and kindness, aims to offer its students the best conditions for learning and living happily. We currently welcome 20 students and we aim to welcome 80 students. 

Our vision: Happiness for today and tomorrow ! 

Our goal : provide each child with an environment in which they feel good in order to promote long-term learning.

Our curriculum integrates information technology, general culture, respect of the environment, daily autonomy, interpersonal skills and prepares students to be fully actors and citizens of the world of tomorrow in order to integrate High School and University successfully.

Main responsibilities include program design and classroom instruction for a year-long intensive English program, students 10 to 14 .

  • Prepare courses weekly to form a curriculum that teaches speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing in a playful and kindness environment,

  • Adjust curriculum  as necessary to meet student abilities,

  • Use teaching methods and materials recommended by the team and/or any methods in line with the school approach and philosophy,

  • Monitor and correct student’s exercises based on classwork,

  • Take part in the school events and educational programs. 

Required  skills : 

You share the vision of our project and are convinced of the benefits of providing each student a caring environment in which they feel supported and self-confident. 

-  Proficient in English (English native is a plus)

-  Good level in both written and spoken French, 

-  Good computer skills, 

-  Able to prepare courses independently for each level,

-  Able to track the progress and difficulties of each student and adjust the teaching style to 

  each student’s needs,

-  You show creativity to offer educational activities related to their areas of interest and in order to

   support them towards autonomy.

-  Teaching degree or significant experience in teaching english.

 - Experience or interest in all forms of alternative education.

 Part time job with a minimum of 2 half days/week or full time (28 hours/per week).


 Do you want to participate in our project to help it grow? 

 Want to be part of a revolutionary team? 

 Want to make a difference in a child’s life and their future?