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The middle school where learning is fun!

Harmony School wishes you all a great summer, and we’ll see you back here on September 2nd for our first day of school!

Where happiness is always in focus...

Harmony School is a revolutionary and innovative middle school created with one goal in mind: develop the best educational experience possible to enable students to reach their full potential. The wait is finally over as we are proud to announce our grand opening for the 2019 school year in La Celle Saint Cloud. Registration is now open to children: 10-16 years old; 5th grade to Junior year.

Our Values


We learn through doing and by being compassionate

Harmony School is a ground-breaking middle school where we replace strict discipline with compassion and empathy, adapted to meet the needs of today’s children. We have been persistently testing this method with our students throughout the year and have taken the necessary steps in adjusting ourselves to their needs.


Since 2018, we have been consistently enhancing our program every Wednesday from 9-12pm and Saturdays from 10-12pm. Through a series of new methodologies and teachers, we have been able to fine tune our style of teaching and learning. Harmony School is happy to welcome children eager to learn from 5th grade to Junior year and all of our courses are conducted in small and intimate groups from 5 to 15 children. We offer a range of subjects including: Math, French, English, History, Digital Marketing, Science, Public Speaking, Software Development and Coding, Archaeology, Mindfulness….and much more!

Fun should be free! Come and try one of our fun and exciting workshops, every Wednesday and Saturday (except school vacations) until July 3, 2019 completely for free.

Our trial workshops are the perfect opportunity to develop new friendships and discover new ideas, all while encountering the unexpected. Make your child’s dream a reality by joining us at one of our cool new workshops.


Organized during school holidays and vacations, we have entire weeks of new teaching methods, new teachers, and new formats each and every day.

We'll have 4 Holischools this year during

July, October, February and April. Each session allows for up to 40 students between the ages of 10 and 16.

Our next Holischool will be held on July 8-12th of 2019.

Interested in enrolling your child?

Do you share the same values as Harmony School? Would you like to receive more information on the upcoming school year? Send us a message at any time. We would love to hear from you.

2019/2020 School Year

Contact us today for more information on registration and how your child can experience a program like no other!